Vehicle Safety Guide lines


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Vehicle Safety Guide lines

However VTS monitors your vehicle 24 hours a day 7 days a week still we advise our customer to follow some safety procedures in order to avoid undesirable circumstances

Advise for VTS Customers

  • Customers who have subscribed Self Track and Control service should use this service whenever they may consider that the vehicle is not parked safely.
  • Customer should always call in VTS Control Room before leaving the city limits to avoid any undesirable circumstances.
  • Our control room should be called before the vehicle is taken for any repair especially any electrical works.
  • Customer should also use crook locks so that thieves may not make attempt to steal the vehicle.
  • Always park in a well-lighted place

Security Measures For Prevention of Vehicle Crime

  • While driving, look out for 2/3 people between 20-39 years of age.
  • 83% of snatchings are committed by 02/03 accused.
  • 76% of accused are aged between 20-39 years.
  • Let your instinct guide you. If you suspect somebody approaching you take a U-turn and observe them.
  • If you are followed, stay on the main road. Do not use small alleys/lanes.
  • Badly lit areas, quiet residential/industrial/barren areas.
  • Do not follow set patterns. Please vary your routes and timings especially when traveling to and from work, schools, going daily to parks for walk/jogging etc.
  • At night do not give way to suspicious vehicles if they honk or flash headlights for behind to corner you. When driving lock your doors in front and leave enough distance from the car in front, so that in case the front car stops or blocks you, there is enough space for you to maneuver and get away.
  • Whenever possible stay on the roads with fast moving traffic. If anybody blocks your road, try to choose an exit point even if means damaging your car to escape the blockade.
  • Look behind when driving. Beware of who is following you. If suspicious, stay calm and head for the nearest safe haven in the event of crisis, such as police or military barracks, busy and other secured areas etc. Meanwhile, always try to shake them off trail and never approach your house or your friend’s unless you are sure. If being followed, drive fast and remain alert.
  • Watch your rear-view mirror at all times.
  • Always let someone knows your whereabouts. If possible, tell someone where you are going and let them know when you arrive. Avoid quiet early morning or noon outings.
  • Keep all doors locked while driving. If a gun/fire arm is pointed at you, do not resist. Call 15 immediately and ask police help. Upon seeing any police officer or policeman stop for help.

Parking/Parked Vehicles

  • When approaching a parking area/lot, let your instinct guide you. Look for 02/03 people waiting/hanging around
  • If you have a suspicious feeling, do not stop. Take a round and go out of the parking area on to the main road
  • If you have to wait, lock your car and:
    Go inside a shop
    Stand at a safe distance
    Don’t display your car keys. Always keep your keys in your pocket
  • Install additional hidden identifications on your automobile e.g. stickers and/or other items that may be available. An additional steering lock can be visible deterrence for car thieves
  • Keep your car windows and doors closed and locked. Place all packages in the trucks rather than on the floor or seats
  • Call 15 immediately for emergency helping in case you find your vehicle missing from the place you had parked it

Approaching your Parked Vehicles

  • When approaching your already parked vehicle, look out for 02/03 people, around/near your vehicle
  • If you see such individuals near your vehicle, do not go near it
  • In such situations, call 15 emergency police help

Approaching Residence/Destination

  • Note that many attacks/abductions take place when a person is entering or departing the residence/office because this part of the route cannot easily be altered. Be extremely observant and alert to anything unusual especially at these times
  • When approaching your residence/destination, let your instinct guide you. Look for 02/03 people waiting/hanging around
  • 83% of snatchings are committed by 02/03 accused
  • 76% of accused are aged between 20-39 years
  • Drive on, take a round if they are still around, call 15 and drive on
  • If a gun/fire arm is pointed at you, do not resist
  • Call 15 for emergency police help

On Traffic Lights/Red Lights

  • Be aware – on traffic lights, keep distance from the car in front off you, as in case of potential snatching attempt you have enough room to move around.
  • Always make good use of side view and rear view mirrors to look around for suspicious persons.
  • Keep doors locked at all times. Nobody can get in if the vehicle is locked.
  • If a gun/fire arm is pointed at you, do not resist.
  • Call 15 for emergency police help

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