Valued Features


The most Advanced And reliable vehicle tracker ( Self Monitoring system )


Real time Satellite GPS positioning enables vehicle monitoring and controlling 24/7.


Cloud Track GPS Tracker gives you the ease to monitor and control your vehicle with your Smart phone, anytime and anywhere. You will receive SMS notification on your mobile phone whenever the alarm on the device is triggered. The device makes you feel the present of your vehicle and the control of it all the time.


This feature is designed to prevent the vehicle theft from getting too far away. Users are able to use the fuel cut-off function to stop the vehicle so that you will be able to recover the vehicle easily.


The device sends over-speed SOS message to the preset SOS numbers once the vehicle traveled over speed limit. Parents are able to monitor their children’s driving behavior with this feature and therefore keep them safe on the road.


Emergency SOS Panic Button The SOS Alarm can be a vital feature you will be looking for when you are in danger during driving. The device will send SOS message to preset SOS numbers so that your family or friends get informed when the person in the vehicle is in danger.


Do not worry if your vehicle is found to have GPS tracking device installed because we have already figured out the solution for you. Once the device is disabled, it automatically sends SOS message to the preset SOS numbers so that you will get informed immediately.


With this feature you can make call to the device and listen to the sound in the vehicle. Especially useful for parents to know who are the friends that their children are hanging out with and to monitor them in case of emergency.


The vibration alarm intends to protect your vehicle when you are away from it. Once any interference or damage on the car occurred, the device sends SOS message to the preset SOS numbers to get you informed. In the situation which your vehicle is being towed away, you will get the alert and be able to track on your vehicle to recover it.

Geographical Fencing

You can fix a perimeter for your vehicle and if your vehicle crosses pre-defined boundary. alert can be generated to your mobile or website.

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Smart Innovative GPS tracking system.

Vehicle Tracking System GPS is specially designed to provide vehicle security and GPS location for personal and fleet vehicle owners. The device combines with advanced technology and safety features to keep your vehicles secured wherever they go. Monitoring and controlling of your vehicles can now be done in an easy and convenient way, like it has never been before. The Vehicle Tracking System GPS Tracker is suitable to be used in a wide variety of vehicles including: Cars Motorcycles Vans Trucks Lorries Buses.

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