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VTS solution for your fleet allows you to configure alerts for various situations. These alerts are triggered as soon as a vehicle violates a pre-defined rule. An immediate notification is sent to the operator via Phone Call/SMS. Depending upon the kind of business, alerts can be configured for various factors and parameters.


Information about the fuel level and the mile age of each of the vehicles. This module also generates various reports that help in analysis from a business perspective. Along with the current fuel level and the mileage details, it also provides accurate refuel details. Proper analysis of the generated reports helps in identifying better drivers, better routes and even better refuel points. Each of the above add value to the business in terms of cost savings.


This feature is designed to prevent the vehicle theft from getting too far away. Users are able to use the fuel cut-off function to stop the vehicle so that you will be able to recover the vehicle easily.


The device sends over-speed SOS message to the preset SOS numbers once the vehicle traveled over speed limit. Parents are able to monitor their children’s driving behavior with this feature and therefore keep them safe on the road.


Emergency SOS Panic Button The SOS Alarm can be a vital feature you will be looking for when you are in danger during driving. The device will send SOS message to preset SOS numbers so that your family or friends get informed when the person in the vehicle is in danger.


Driver performance always remains a challenge for transport companies due to lack of visibility of their operations. To help make this better, VTS Tracker Driver Evaluation system gives you complete information about each driver’s performance in terms of the distance covered, time taken, number of violations etc. to provide substantial quantitative data at hand for proper driver evaluation.


All parts of a vehicle, the tyre undergoes a lot of wear and tear and also is considered as one of the most expensive spares. The Tyre Management module is built keeping in mind the importance of effective Tyre Management for a fleet of vehicles. When used in combination with GPS tracking, VTS Tracker Tyre Management System provides accurate data about the distance run on each Tyre, life remaining in each Tyre etc


VTS Tracker Solution uses a temperature monitoring unit to monitor the ambient temperature of reefer vehicles. This is useful when the quality of the transported items is highly dependent on temperature. The temperature monitoring unit maintains a continuous transmission of data about the container temperature so that any fluctuations are immediately identified and acted upon.


After using our insurance VTS Tracker’s products, customers’ vehicle theft risk has decreased by 50%. The safety level of driving has greatly increased, also customers start to use insurance and maintenance reminding service. Our insurance VTS Tracker’s solution, insurance companies can reduce many false claims cases, find better customers, and establish close relations with customers. They will have better return on investment and stronger competitive power than rivals.

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Smart Innovative GPS tracking system.

Vehicle Tracking System GPS is specially designed to provide vehicle security and GPS location for personal and fleet vehicle owners. The device combines with advanced technology and safety features to keep your vehicles secured wherever they go. Monitoring and controlling of your vehicles can now be done in an easy and convenient way, like it has never been before. The Vehicle Tracking System GPS Tracker is suitable to be used in a wide variety of vehicles including: Cars Motorcycles Vans Trucks Lorries Buses.

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