GPS Fleet Tracking


The most Advanced And reliable vehicle tracker ( Self Monitoring system )

Real Time View

Fleet Monitoring Service allows you to have a real time view of all your vehicles. Each vehicle fitted with our devices is configured to transmit data at regular time intervals on a real time basis. This enables the operator sitting remotely to view and analyze information about every vehicle and supports him in strategic decision making.

Real Time Alerts

Our solution for your fleet allows you to configure alerts for various situations. These alerts are triggered as soon as a vehicle violates a pre-defined rule. An immediate notification is sent to the operator via mail/SMS. Depending upon the kind of business, alerts can be configured for various factors and parameters. This mainly helps in keeping a check on the driver’s behavior and helps in taking timely actions in cases of emergencies. Fleet Maintenance Services Fuel Monitoring Driver Evaluation Tyre Management Temperature Monitoring RFID based Driver Identification Consultancy Services.

Boost Productivity & Security

Cut Fuel Cost

Enhanced Safety

Monitoring unofficial use

At a Glance View

Alerts with SMS Ack

Vehicle Performance Monitoring

Customization Reporting

Fleet Tracking Cars & Trucks

Our GPS Tracker is the most advanced and state-of-the-art car tracking solution available in the market place today. GPS fleet tracking is an essential tool for making every vehicle more effective, reducing costs and ultimately allowing business and government to do more with less. Fleet Management Solutions provides complete mobile asset tracking and management tools that provide complete return on investment typically in less than one year. Hard money savings in fuel, vehicle miles driven, and worker overtime are obvious benefits. In addition, fewer accidents, improved driver behavior and better execution of corporate and agency mandates deliver even more value to the organization.

We listen, we are proactive and we care, because our business is built on achieving results, productivity and efficiency improvements for your business. Join the thousands of business owners that have improved their peace of mind, customer service, efficiency, productivity and accountability with this outstanding and comprehensive GPS Tracking System.

The Intelligent Choice For Your Business

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With this feature you can make call to the device and listen to the sound in the vehicle. Especially useful for parents to know who are the friends that their children are hanging out with and to monitor them in case of emergency.


The vibration alarm intends to protect your vehicle when you are away from it. Once any interference or damage on the car occurred, the device sends SOS message to the preset SOS numbers to get you informed. In the situation which your vehicle is being towed away, you will get the alert and be able to track on your vehicle to recover it.

Geographical Fencing

You can fix a perimeter for your vehicle and if your vehicle crosses pre-defined boundary. alert can be generated to your mobile or website.


GPS fleet tracking devices offer the following standard features.
Track from any internet connected computer, tablet or Smartphone
Unlimited usernames and logins
Each user may have different privileges as to which vehicles they can track
Each user may have different privileges as to what functions they can use
Each user may have different privileges as to which reports they can generate
Each user may have different privileges as to which alerts they can receive
Stay logged in all day
A full range of reports including:-
o Detailed Report
o Journey Time & Distance Report
o Stop Time & Location Report
o Daily Activity Report
o Working Hours Report
o Time Spent At Each Customer Location Report
o Time & Distance Travelled Inside Region Report
o Exceptions & Alerts Report (such as Alarms, Speeding, Harsh Acceleration)
o Departmental Cost Centre Reporting
Main Power Battery Failure
Backup Battery Failure
Ignition Status
Add-On Sensor Integration
CNG Pressure Monitoring
Circuit Temperature over heating (Option)
Engine/Fuel Control (Option)
Fuel Level Monitoring (Option)
Base Station (Self-Monitoring)
Positions on Call
Secured Geo-Fencing
Customized Geo-Fencing
Driver Behaviors Alerts
Door Status (Option)
POI (Point Of Interested)
Web Access
24/7 Call Center Support and services
Daily Device Response and reports
Two Way Voice communication

Unique Feature

GPS fleet tracking devices offer the following advanced features.
Live tracking with coverage areas
No loss of data. Automatic Store & Forward up to 100,000 position memory when outside coverage areas.
TruTrack accurate turn by turn tracking updates
A selection of maps with satellite and streetview images
Real time clock & GPS clock ensure accurate ignition on/off & sensor/alarm reporting indoors & undercover
G-Force sensor to eliminate GPS inaccuracy & false odometer readings in poor GPS areas
G-Force sensor to wake on movement & increase security & theft detection
Daily device health check notification
Power management to prevent flat batteries & excessive data usage
Notification when power management mode is entered.

FAQ - Fleet Tracking

Remote Real-Time Monitoring

  • See your fleet’s activity in real-time no matter where you are
  • Monitor detailed information on your crews
  • Dispatch the closest vehicle to an address, landmark, or another vehicle in the field and communicate thru 2-way messaging via a Garmin

Keep Your driver Safe

  • Quickly respond to emergency situations with precise location data, dispatch, and effective communication
  • Make sure crews are not working excessive hours and over exhausting themselves, which could be dangerous
  • Driver behavior monitor driving habits such as speeding, excessive idling, unauthorized usage, and harsh breaking and fast acceleration
  • Recover stolen vehicles and assets quickly and easily.

Increase Productivity

  • Shorten response times by deploying the nearest vehicle.
  • Eliminate location status calls to drivers.
  • Increase your daily productivity as well as the productivity of your fleet.
  • Knowing the real time status of every vehicle at all times.

Improve Customer Service

  • Quick response times
  • Proof of services rendered.
  • Accurate delivery times.

Reduce Operating Expenses

  • Keep up with vehicle maintenance.
  • Stay current with registration and tags.
  • Potentially reduce insurance costs.
  • Maintenance Alerts.
  • Remind you of renewing registrations.

Increase Fleet Security & Safety

  • A fuel outage.
  • Emergency service needed.
  • A vehicle gets stolen.

GPS System with GPRS (means 24 hours online tracking facility)

Branded European Technology

Nation Wide Coverage

Remote Immobilization

Under Observation

Geo Fencing

24 Hours Location & Monitoring

Battery Temper Monitoring

Theft, Snatch Recovery through out Pakistan

Insurance Rebate

Enhanced GSM Area Coverage. Best Satellite of the World

Location on Demand

Under Observation

24 Hours Location & Monitoring

Theft, Snatch Recovery through out Pakistan

Insurance Rebate

24/7 Call Center

Password Protection

Location on Demand

Enhanced GSM Area Coverage. Best Satellite of the World

Location on Mobile

SOS Panic Button

Speed & Location Based SMS

Voice Communication in your Vehicle

Ignition on Alert

Ignition off Alert


Geo Fence Out Call

Security on/off (Mobile)

Location, Date Time & Duration

Over Speed SMS

Distance Report

Route History on Demand

Monthly Vehicle Traveling Report on Mailing Address

Real Time Web Tracking (Web Access)

Daily SMS Alerts

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