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VTS GPS tracker is a hardware which gets installed anywhere inside your vehicle (any hidden location). It has a inbuilt modem (SIM card) and GPS module with antenna or without antenna that gets location and other data and delivers it to you (on the VTS mobile App) via our servers. We interpret the data on our servers to show it to you in the most meaningful and understandable way in the app.

Yes definitely ! VTS GPS Tracker will work with any vehicle that has a ignition system and a battery inside it. VTS supports all types of vehicle such as bike, car, truck, bus, auto rickshaw etc.

Yes why not ! VTS lets you manage all your vehicle on a single Application dashboard.

You don’t have to worry about this. Anyone can install this device in less than 10 minutes plus our customer support is also available with you 24×7 on call.

Tracking your vehicle from the SAM GPS tracking mobile App relies on your phone’s as well as SAM GPS tracker connection to our servers. A weak or no network signal on either your phone or the VTS (e.g. when your vehicle is in basement) will make it longer to get the vehicle location data to your phone. The delay may also be because of a Weak or No GPS signal in the SAM (which may happen if the vehicle is not under open sky).

Please contact us on our customer care number or drop us a mail with your requirements we will revert you back as soon as possible.

Useful, informative vehicle tracking requires vehicle tracking software and a vehicle tracking unit mounted in the vehicle, typically under the dash or seat and out of reach of the driver. Track Your Vehicle offers both. Our GPS Tracker application is a Web-based software platform and Mobile Apps, that is accessible from any Internet-connected computer or smartphone.

We have designed our devices with ease of installation in mind and we also provide an installation guide. Each unit must be connected to an ignition source, a constant power source (vehicle battery) and chassis ground. VTS provides all needed cabling and fuse kits. We have professional technicians, VTS has a list of installers around the country that you can contract with directly.

Track Your Vehicle’s Vehicle Tracking Services software is provided to all VTS users free of charge. Each customer is provided with a secure login and password. Also, Track Your Truck continually improves and adds features to VTS to enhance your vehicle tracking ability and experience.

Any high-speed connection that you would use today is sufficient. This includes DSL, cable, satellite, etc.

Yes, VTS cover entire Pakistan including AJK and Gilgit, this is a state-of-the-art vehicle security system operates wherever there is availability of GSM network.

Yes, if Vehicle Entered to no GSM Coverage area than device will keep data in built in memory, and will upload to server as soon it get connected to GSM network area.

Our all tracker are under manufactured warranty of one year, however an extended warranty option is available.

Yes, our all tracker can be fit to all kind of vehicles.

Its depend type of package you purchased, corporate executive packages offer unlimited user.

No! Features which could identify the vehicle as having a tracking system installed (e.g. stickers, flashing lights, honking, alarms, keys, dial-pads, remotes etc.), are extremely dangerous and strictly not advisable, if identified they could endanger the lives of the passengers.

Yes, you are the proud owner of the unit and may request it to be transferred to any one of your vehicles. However, to avoid inconvenience please inform Customer Services at least 10 days in advance. Only standard cost for removing and re-installing shall apply

Our technician are very professional installer and can be complete tracker installation in vehicle within half an hour however if different solutions hardware or addition add-on hardware involved than it may take more times depending on hardware.

Only best after sale support and service keep us on the top in customer satisfaction, our specialist well trained team is available around to clock to serve customers, we always encourage client’s feedback to improve services to new level. Please feel free to send us your feedback at info@vehicletracking.com.pk

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