The most Advanced And reliable vehicle tracker ( Self Monitoring system )

Improve productivity and insight

Smart Innovative GPS tracking system.

Solutions from Vehicle Tracking System. bring about a substantial increase in productivity. By reducing unnecessary activities like excessive stoppage, idle time and preventing route deviations, it helps in regular schedule adherence and helps in getting things done at a faster rate with great efficiency.

Gain higher ROI, faster

Smart Innovative GPS tracking system.

By positively influencing the overall productivity and efficiency of your business, our solutions help you get higher return on investments and in a shorter period of time. Modules like Fleet maintenance and Tyre Management provide you a mechanism to manage expenses going into the maintenance of vehicles.

Identify and retain top performers

Smart Innovative GPS tracking system.

Driver Evaluation/Management solution from Vehicle Tracking Systems helps in distinguishing good performers from the rest and retaining them through incentives and benefits. Retention of performers is important in the transportation industry this is well understood and addressed by Vehicle Tracking System.

Optimal utilization of resources

Smart Innovative GPS tracking system.

Vehicle Tracking Systems solutions aim to significantly improve the utilization of available resources. Our reports and analysis tools help you understand the distribution of workload on different vehicles and drivers by putting forward the distances covered and trips done by them on a regular basis. This will in turn help you adjust and optimize the workload to make full use of available drivers and vehicles.

In depth business analysis

Smart Innovative GPS tracking system.

Designed to empower you with tools for better business analysis, VTS’s solutions helps you focus on process improvement, strategic planning and operational changes for the betterment of your business.

Optimize operational expenses

Smart Innovative GPS tracking system.

Reduced costs imply increased profits. In other words, cost optimization holds a key role in maximizing your profits and our solutions do exactly that for you. By cutting down unnecessary stoppages, idling, route deviations and fuel pilferage a substantial amount of cost savings is achieved. Additional cost savings come from various modules like Fleet Maintenance.

Increase overall efficiency

Smart Innovative GPS tracking system.

We directly influence your operational efficiency by reducing costs and increasing productivity. In other words, our solutions help you get more work done with lesser costs.

Increase transparency of operations

Smart Innovative GPS tracking system.

Transparency in transportation activities is limited due to the nature of operations itself. There is not enough control over the driver and the vehicle once the trip has started and the operator’s only source of information is the driver himself. With comprehensive solutions that cover all aspects of transportation like fuel management, driver behavior, stops, routes etc. the process becomes more transparent as actions are visible in real time.

Increase transparency of operations

Smart Innovative GPS tracking system.

Real time information and dynamic alerts facilitate you to take up timely preventive actions to stop or control any damage.

Automate and computerize manual processes

Smart Innovative GPS tracking system.

Our solutions aim at minimizing manual intervention and automating processes like maintenance of records, generation of trip sheets and other important tasks. This not only results in reduced discrepancies but also cuts down a great amount of time.

Increase Safety

Smart Innovative GPS tracking system.

For most fleet managers, reducing risk and gaining fleet visibility are critical success factors for choosing a VTS solution. we have huge experience helping customers successfully use its GPS vehicle tracking solutions.

Reduce Insurance Cost.

Smart Innovative GPS tracking system.

Managing a large fleet of vehicles and drivers is risky and insurers know that. They also know that using VTS to track your fleet reduces your accident rate and they will reward you by reducing your insurance costs. When you deploy a VTS Master solution, you can negotiate an immediate 5% reduction in your insurance premiums. With proof of reductions in your accident rate, further reductions are often possible.

Reduce Fuel Costs

GPS fleet tracking software reduces fuel costs by eliminating wasteful idling, speeding, and unauthorized vehicle usage, and by optimizing routes.

Improve Productivity

The VTS Fleet Tracking System places real-time vehicle location data at your fingertips. Through our intuitive interface, you can quickly delve directly into the location and direction of each vehicle. You will know where all your vehicles are at all times. You will know where your vehicles have been, when they arrived and how long they have been there.

Reduce Your Labor Costs

With Safety Track, you will know exactly when your drivers start their shifts for the day, where they are, how many stops they made, and what time they completed their jobs.

Make Your Fleet Safer

The VTS Fleet Tracking Solution gives fleet managers the power to minimize safety risks, which reduces accidents, and ultimately saves money.

Make Your Fleet Greener

There are numerous benefits to GPS tracking besides the immediate fuel savings and the ability to monitor your vehicles.
Safety Track will assist you with a Go Green initiative. Here is how:
Limit Speeding and Idling
Increase Route Efficiency
Eliminate Unauthorized Usage
Schedule Maintenance Reminders

Bill Your Customers More Accurately

Many fleet-based businesses depend heavily on time-consuming record keeping to stay on top of invoicing responsibilities. Safety Track can simplify this task, enabling you to keep more efficient records and save valuable time. Determine exactly how many times a particular location was visited in a given period of time and how long your vehicle remained on the premises. Exact dates and times can be produced in the case of an invoicing dispute.

Custom Reporting

VTS’s Fleet Tracking Reports are highly customization to ensure they are exactly the information you need. we offer verity of powerful GPS fleet tracking reports. Each report is fully configurable to provide you exactly the data you require and can be accessed online, by email, or viewed in Excel. All reports have several options and may be configured to run automatically every day/week/month, or on a completely custom schedule.

Improve Response Times

Dispatch the closest driver every time via SMS or Call. The GPS Insight real-time fleet tracking system gives you the edge you need on your competition.

Improve Customer Service

Not only is it important to VTS that we keep our customers happy, but more importantly that you keep your customers happy. We provide you with the tools you need to improve your customer service. Always knowing where your vehicles are allows you to respond quicker to customer emergencies and to location inquiries, serve more customers, and confirm job completion.

Mobile Access

Manage your fleet on-the-go with the VTS Mobile App. VTS Mobile App allows you to manage your fleet from your mobile device while you are away from the computer. A map of all your vehicles’ locations and their status takes just a few seconds to view. Download VTS Mobile on the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android).

Theft Recovery

Never lose sleep over the fear of your vehicles or equipment being stolen. Unfortunately, fleet vehicles and assets are occasionally stolen. We will give you peace of mind knowing you will be able to locate the vehicle quickly and easily. You can be notified when a vehicle is moving off-hours or if a vehicle is where it should not be. VTS’s real-time mapping allows you to report the vehicles location to the authorities so that you can recover your vehicle or asset as soon as possible.

Real time monitoring

Put Your Mind At Ease…Protect Your Vehicles…Locate, Monitor & Find Your Assets…Affordably Manage Your Mobile Work Force, Monitor Your Teen Driver or Family Members…We Promise To:
Optimize workforce productivity
Provide You With A First Class Customer Service Experience
Supply You With Cost Effective Solutions That Work

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Smart Innovative GPS tracking system.

Vehicle Tracking System GPS is specially designed to provide vehicle security and GPS location for personal and fleet vehicle owners. The device combines with advanced technology and safety features to keep your vehicles secured wherever they go. Monitoring and controlling of your vehicles can now be done in an easy and convenient way, like it has never been before. The Vehicle Tracking System GPS Tracker is suitable to be used in a wide variety of vehicles including: Cars Motorcycles Vans Trucks Lorries Buses.

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